Saturday, January 31, 2015

Must Know HTML Tips for Bloggers for SEO

Everything works fine until you just copy paste HTML code from big buddy sites like facebook like button, twitter follow button etc. But you might sometimes face a problem with that scary HTML code and worried. Learn a few things about HTML which might be really useful to talk with web pages. These tips are in context with Blogging, SEO and other related stuff.
 Language with which web pages are built.

It is the language used to design and give the page a proper shape.
Oh! If I learn CSS I don't have to buy themes?. Yes, if you learn enough CSS language then you can design your own themes, but learning that takes some time though.

It is the language of browsers.

Everything in HTML are <tags>
example: <b> what ever is in between these things is BOLD </b> .
Some tags need to be closed this way as <i> Italic </i> (Container Tags) and some need to be closed this way as <br /> (Standalone Tags).

Some common Tags are <b> </b>         Bold
<i> </i>           Italic
 <br />              Break (Used to go to next line the same thing as pressing Enter)
 <li>  </li>         List
 <p> </p>         Paragraph.
 Hey you don't have to learn all these tags right now. Bookmark this page and come back when ever you get stuck with some HTML code. Then, I bet you would read this again and again.

 Know The skeleton of a web page.
 <title>  </title>
<body>        </body>

<title> </title>
Your title goes of in between here and this is the most important thing for Google.  So make a killer title.

<head> </head>
This marks the top section of any page and in it are <meta> tags present.
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML,bloggers,beginners,tips">
<link rel="canonical" href="" />
 rel="canonical" tag is placed in every page's <head> section </head>       so that if your page is found redundant or similar to other pages in search results the search engine especially Google checks with page rank of your home page which you provide in it.

<a href="the url to share">The matter over which link is </a>

<img src="http://myprofilepic.jpg" />


<div> </div>  
Defines a division or section of HTML. if you want to modify or stylize a section using CSS then you can use these div tags.

 <iframe > </iframe> inline frame is page within a page. Usually ads and some social networking widgets use this to display another page in your page.

<fieldset>                                                                       creates a border for the form
<input type="text" id="mytextbox" name="mytextbox" />   this gives a text box to write in
<input type="submit" />                                                     the submit button
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Tips For New Bloggers

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Must Have Tech Gadgets of the Year

Inventions are made often when need demands them. We often wonder there were few things that could be better and hope scientists would invent that.
Obtaining these gadgets will guarantee you a comfortable life in today's exponentially growing world.

  1. Drone
Everyone would love to have an aerial footage with no extra effort and at a price which everyone can afford.
My advice would be a drone with HD camera, but it might be a bit expensive. Check out various ranges of Best Selling Drones.

     2. USB Rechargable Batteries
$17 only

You know about rechargeable batteries and you get a  charger specially meant for them to charge. But this one, you can charge by plugging in your computers USB port and it's charged. Get a pair now. 
USBCELL MXAA02 AA Rechargable Battery - 2 Cell Pack

    3.  Smart Watches
Even in today's smart phone era, we like to see watches on our wrists, so grab a smart watch which keeps you updated not only with date and time but also many more things. It has got almost the features any other smart phone has got.

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, Black 4GB (AT&T)
$199.99 – $299.99 only

If you feel this is too expensive, then here is List of Top Brands at prices which you can select.

    4. Charge Card.
We often face the problem of low battery in our smartphone. So, external power banks are a good solution.
So this a credit size 400mAh which YOU MUST HAVE.

$9.99 only

Sabrent Slim Credit Card Sized Charge Card Adapter for Micro USB with 400mAh Emergency External Battery Backup Charger Power Bank Charger (PB-RSCC)

    5. Curved TV Screens
Almost every big electronics giant released a Curved TV screen at the Consumer Electronics Show.
TCL writes that a typical flat screen “makes objects at the center seem larger,” but a curved TV “brings the edges closer to you,” creating a “theatrical effect.”It has to do with light falloff. In a theater, where there is a large screen, even with the $200,000 projectors really high quality theaters use, there is light falloff. Nothing is perfect. A curved screen diminishes that falloff to a certain extent, as well as image distortion (chromatic,etc.) from an imperfect lens.
So must plan to fit one at your home now.

Samsung UN55HU7250 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How To Blog True Story Exposed

Blogging For Dummies, How to blog, complete guide summary, Blogging Story

Rather than teaching you the basics, here are the steps to blog from A to Z at a glance.
  1. Find a blogging Platform like Blogger, WordPress etc.
  2. Blog some good articles with enough demand. Take help from google keywords planner and bing keyword research tools and get some idea about the demanding keywords.
  3. Design a title which includes many demanding keywords you just searched.
  4. Warning Do not copy content from any other sites exactly, write your own good one, it's O.K. if you take ideas from others.
  5. Don't write a lot of stuff just because you love writing, keep it precise and subtle.
  6. Use tools like webmaster by Google and Bing and try to optimize the your sites as deemed necessary by using tools like Data highlighter, Creating Sitemaps etc.
  7. Have Patience and determination.
  8. Provide enough widgets (like and share buttons) to like and share your post on social networking sites like FB, G+, Twitter etc.
  9. Now when the site's ready to go, add your site's URL in famous internet directories like DMOZ ezinearticles etc.
  10. Send requests to other friendly website holders to display links to your site to cross the checkpoint of 'More Backlinks'.
  11. Learn Google's way to deal with websites and create Pagerank and how it holds a website in it's index (at a good place). So strive to achieve that.
  12. Tip: Engage and become active participant on social networking sites and try to share your own post among your close friends.
  13. Maintenance: Always update once in a while with some good posts and never lose your visitors.
Personal Blogging Story:
Biggest myth
"I can start earning right from the moment I hit the 'Publish Post' button."
Blogging is analogous to constructing a building if you're a civil engineer. You can't just start living in it right after day 1 of construction. Right? Similarly, hitting the publish button was nothing but day 1 and you have long way to go before you can earn a few bucks.
Why did I opt to Blog?
Well, like you, even I love blogging because I have a passion of writing articles which I feel are always great. (:-p)
So, I just started with this blog where I just created my own topics and put my best efforts on those articles. You can see that any way. But the problem was they weren't demanding enough. So the biggest secret to stand out from the rest is
"Write not what YOU love, write what OTHERS just think something worth peeking at."
Those are just fairy tales you hear that when you publish your first post and you can think
"My post is on the internet, So cool!!! Millions of people can now read what I've written?"
NO! No one but just you will be reading that post again and again and wonder when the traffic stats go by the number of times you visit that page.
So to be frank, even if you are a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg, it takes some time to get some decent traffic to your site. When you get a traffic, say roughly around 1000 visits/ month (that's just the beginning) entirely from search engines and that is when it infers that you're doing good and can proceed further. Else, you might want to reconsider the 'steps to blog' again.
During the journey, even if you couldn't be a very big blogger (i.e. if you give up) then might feel contented that you've come across this great platform and gained some experience and discover the truth about the search engines that they aren't the perfect ones which they pretend to be. That's worth boasting after all.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Overview Of 66th Republic Day News

Summary of the Parade and all the important events occurred before, during and after the 66th republic day of India.

When we were young kids, we used to be excited to watch the parade on Doordashan, so lets try to keep that zeal alive and encourage the young ones too to have a peek of what happened on the republic day.

Before the big day:
Huge security established weeks before the big day.
15000 CCTV cameras installed in Delhi weeks before the arrival of US Prez. Barack Obama which were monitored by a joint team Delhi Police, US Secret Services and sleuths of central security agencies.

The Big day:

 This is the first time in Indian history, where such heavy security is provided for a dignitary and that's the highlight of the event.
Areas in and around Rajpath were forfeited with the deployment of nearly 40,000 personnel from Delhi Police and paramilitary forces.
US President Barack Obama, on Monday arrived in his own highly-secured bomb-proof vehicle, 'The Beast,' at Rajpath.Beginning.
Lets Begin!
 Parade Commander Commences

Military Officers

Mounted Band

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh 2

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh 2

Arunachal Pradesh 3


Assam 2



Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh


Maharashtra 2


Uttar Pradesh



Atomic Energy


Ayush 2
Finance (Banking)

Banking (Finance)

Rural Development

Bullet Train


Indian Navy

Lady Navy
Save Girl Child

Beti Bachao

Beti Bachao 2
Technological Development

Make In India
Cultural Dances

West Zone

West Zone 2


Kal Hamara Hai

Kal Hamara Hai 2

Swatch Banaye
Swatch Banaye 2

Tejaswi Yuva Shakti

BSF Message

40 on 9

4 Seema

BSF Golden Jubilee

High Five Fly

Big n Small


Stand Tall


Tri Copter

4 Helis

Let It Go

Tri Fly

3 Colors on 3 Bikes
It's Cool! I Like It

Chief guest Obama puts thumbs up at the performance of BSF Daredevils Bike Stuntmen.
Obama Likes it. So you too can like it.


National Anthem

Other VIPs present during the event.

 Due to slight fog, perfect snapshots of the event couldn't be captured, but we tried our best.
Thanks for being patient.

Behind The Scenes


Did he come to celebrate Republic or to see Obama?


Going Home
Deals Made:
Visakhapatnam, Ajmer, Allahabad declared to be made 'Smart Cities' with special support from the US.

 President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they made tangible progress on a range of issues with movement on civil nuclear trade, defense cooperation and climate change.

Padma awards were announced and some of the famous people in the list were Amitabh Bachan, Bill Gates, L K Advani, Tarak Mehta, Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
See the complete list of Padma Awards.